As a part of this project, we have collected a number of artifacts and created a digital museum of Mary Washington. These artifacts work in conjunction with our interviews to provide you with a comprehensive look at the stories of Mary Washington.  Links to this digital collection can be found on each alumni profile as well as in the list of exhibits below.  These items include photographs, newspaper articles and other documents that we found to be important in the stories our alumni have told. To browse the collection, either follow this link to our item database or view the exhibits listed on this page.

Ruby Lee Norris (Items between 1932 and 1936)
Patti Boise Kemp (Items between 1965 and 1969)
Barbara Burton Micou (Items between 1965 and 1969)
Linda Gattis Shull (Items between 1965 and 1969)
Judge Pamela J. White (Items between 1970 and 1974)
Cynthia Snyder (Items between 1971 and 1975)
Beth Craig (Items between 1973 and 1977)
Dr. Terrie Young Crawley (Items between 1973 and 1977)
Cedric B. Rucker (Items between 1978 and 1981)
Linda Lemanski Blakemore (Items between 1980 and 1984)
Kemetia Foley (Items between 1983 and 1987)
Angie Schad Spencer (Items between 1988 and 1991)
M. Carol Kramer (Items between 1988 and 1991)
Michael Charnoff (Items between 1991 and 1995)
Stephanie Van Hook (Items between 1998 and 2002)
Frank Puleo (Items between 2002 and 2006)
Shana Muhammad (Items between 2002 and 2006)
All the Years Not Covered