Juliann Boyles is a junior at the University of Mary Washington majoring in history, with a concentration in American history.  She is also a member of the education program, working on her certification to teach secondary social studies.  For this project, Juliann has spent most of her time conducting research, searching through old Bullet articles, conducting interviews and editing video footage.  Juliann also performs with both the Mary Washington Community Symphony Orchestra and UMW chorus, while also clocking in many hours working at UMW’s popular eatery, the Eagle’s Nest. 

Austin Cobb is a senior, graduating in May 2008.  He is a history major, with a concentration in American Popular Culture.  Austin swam long distance events for the UMW swim team each of his four years at UMW. He is also a brother in Mary Washington's chapter of the Psi Upsilon fraternity. For this project, he worked to embed videos as a feature within the timeline and also helped with the uploading of Bullet articles onto Omeka.

Matthew Downs is a senior who is graduating in May with majors in both history and economics. His main responsibility for this project was the creation of the website, including layout and graphic design. He also worked on accumulating artifacts, scanning documents and images. He is a member of UMW's cross country and track team and works as an intern at the National Marathon in Washington, DC.

Roxanne M. Ibinson is a senior at the University of Mary Washington and will graduate in the spring of 2008. She is a history major and is applying for jobs within the field.  She resides at Lake Anna, Virginia with her husband and three daughters.  Besides her studies, she has recently built a new house, is helping to write her church’s by-laws and is active in her community. For the project she conducted, edited and transcribed thirteen interviews.   She also created exhibits in Omeka to house archival material and helped scan documents and images. 

Kellye Sorber is a junior history major who is also getting her Master's in Elementary Education from UMW.  As a history major, she focuses on early American History and is especially interested in the Civil War. For this project Kellye's primary responsibility has been the timeline; she has also worked with scanning documents and interviewing alumni. This project has been the first of its kind for her; prior to this she has had many computer classes but never have the skills been applied to create something so complex.